Vuelta Update + Thoughts

Hey Guys,

Well two stages have passed since i last wrote. Both were super hot, one was super fast, the other just stressful!

The circuit race was a real non event.. We honestly could have just had a 200m sprint and got the same result.. I averaged 159w for the close to 5hrs that day, so it was super slow! We honestly rode so slow at times that i thought the 160k race would take us over 5hrs.. Some races this happens, but not when its totally flat! One guy went up the road from the gun, and went out to about 14mins before any sort of effort happened behind in the peleton. The last lap was so chaotic.. 180 odd riders, fresh, with ‘good legs’ all thought they had a shot today…and if you werent first into the corner with 5k to go you were basically carved up and chopped like you wouldnt believe! i did as much as i could for the team before being chopped up.. it was too dangerous for me and i filled my pants on a number of occasions.. the team was super though and benna got up for second.. he was sooooo close to winning which gives us all confidence that he will get the elusive win here in the coming days..

Yesterdays stage started with a real x wind. it was full gas out of the blocks for the first 20k until the break formed.. I had very good legs and just sniffed around the front. Having good legs doesnt mean you go with every move, or attack yourself.. it just means you sit always in the front, and if a group of 8-10 guys go, you can be there.. anything less means the chances of survival are not that great.. of course there are times when a small group does stay away like it did when simon clarke won, but that doesnt happen so often.. so the break formed and it was back to the grind of protecting our GC guys for the stage.

The x wind did not help at all today.. not after what happened the other day. Everyone was just on edge, always wanting to be in the front, or close to it.. Our team was one of them.. Its draining, and very stressful.. the last hour today was ridden at a very high speed. the 2nd last climb was unreal. i was always between 450-550w! my day was done here.. i was very happy knowing i did some good work today.. but more importantly cause its the first day i felt the power and ease back in my legs.. so all in all a good day..

right.. thoughts.. thoughts on whats just happened with lance.. what an embarrassing world we live in.. i honestly believe that a new ‘law’ needs to be introduced.. firstly though, i want to say that i totally back the doping controls, uci and wada but some things have to change.. these guys have all the power, all the money and yet its taken 5 or more years to unravel this case.. what a joke! how embarrassing for us left here in the peleton.. you have guys admitting doping, and still riding.. team bosses coming clean years later, but still staying in the sport and looked upon as leading the way in ‘clean cycling’. you have guys that are going to testify in lances case, for a reduced sentence, and can serve this ban in the off season.. its an absolute joke..

i feel there needs to a massive change. If wada and the uci dont catch the cheats within a certain timeframe, then it should be done and dusted.. because whats just happened now makes our sport have no credibility whatsoever. my thoughts are if the cheats arent caught after 6 months, then its done and dusted.. turn a page, and stop worrying about ‘what ifs’. if not, then the next dude is gonna do it and will get away with it because everyone is so caught up with something that ‘could’ have happened years ago… sometimes i reckon its better to cut your losses..

i feel a bit pissed off right now.. lance to me is an idol, and someone that always will be.. what he did on the bike was amazing, but what he did off the bike was even more amazing.. if they strip him, then who gets the tour titles? basso? NO. pantani? NO. ullrich? NO. why? cause they have all been caught up in controversy themselves.

its a sad day for cycling… atleast we have a great crop of youngsters coming through leading the way..

right.. todays stage is going to be a tough one.. bit of wind. few ups and downs, and we also finish on a Gp moto track. its hard to know what will happen.. this region is known for strong winds so it could be a day where the peleton splits.. on the circuit it will also be open.. im guessing a sprint day today so we will be looking to get benna his first win in this race..

right enough from me.. i gotta go and relax! haha

thanks for reading..