Hi guys,

Well I haven’t updated my site in a very long time.. Sorry!

In light of the recent developments though I thought I would share my thoughts with anyone who is interested in reading them. Before I fire away, just remember these are my personal thoughts, this is my website and this is my sport!

Our sport is on the brink of what some would call a massive meltdown. Some feel the sport will never recover, and some thought that this was always going to happen, it was just a matter of when. I feel that our sport is on the brink of something special, but we are not there yet. As much as I would love to bring out a big gun, and line up everyone that has a past, I cant. Like I said in my ‘update re lance’ on my website a while back, we have to draw the line somewhere. But where exactly do we draw this line? who decides where this line is drawn? this is what needs to be decided and fast.

So lance has now been stripped of all his titles as the evidence was so great that it only pointed to one thing. That he doped. So now he will pay the price. Only time will tell how much of a price he will pay. Many of you will probably feel cheated also knowing you followed and supported him, encouraged your children to do the same, only now to feel like he is the biggest scam in the history of sport.

Am I saddened by these developments? Yes of course. Why? Cause he is my idol. I was u19 when lance won his first tour, and ive been a massive fan since that day. Who wouldn’t be? He beat cancer, then won the tour. He then went on to set up one of the biggest foundations in the world, fighting cancer and inspiring many. He then went on to win a further 6 tour de France’s. Now with all the evidence that is out there, knowing that his whole comeback was based on a lie I ask myself this. ‘is lance Armstrong still my idol?’. my answer is very simple. Yes.

That era, was different.. although now I wouldn’t say its 100% clean as cheats are still being caught. But it is better and all this mess is going to clear it up once and for all. Back then though the testing wasn’t like it is today, and Lance was not the only guy that doped. Lance also wasn’t the first guy to lie. But lance is the last guy to tell the truth. Or is he? For me though, lance was the best at everything back then.. Racing, Training, Nutrition, Mental Prep, Focus and now as we have found out, doping. I don’t know if he was the most talented, but he won those tours and some with ease while all the rest of the big guys were probably doing the same stuff. I think based on what Landis has said, Hamilton too, the other top riders were all on the same stuff, some maybe on more. But Lance won.. He didn’t pay anyone to let him win the Tour de France. He won them fair and square as a doper, among dopers.

So what to do now? If it was up to me, I would honestly ban any manager/rider/staff member that has been involved in doping, or has tested positive in the past. This cull would be huge and devastating, and some stars would be lost, but its the true way to start fresh if that’s what everybody wants come the start of the 2013 season. If however a line needs to be drawn in the sand, where do you draw it? If you don’t take such a measure like this, what will happen ‘if’ michelle Ferraris documents are released in a year or two or maybe sooner? It will be bigger than the current mess we have now, and could very well involve a shit load more people. Is the UCI prepared to risk this kind of thing again? Ferrari, for those that don’t know was the guy who masterminded the doping programs for many top pros and athletes from many different sports. Including Lance. He is now under investigation for a heap of different crimes and rumour has it that there is enough evidence to sink riders in just about every team in pro cycling that exists RIGHT NOW.

Initially I said we need to draw a line ‘now’ and move forward to the future. That was in September during the vuelta. I along with every pro rider knew that Lance wasn’t what the public were all led to believe, but we all knew that digging up the graves was only going to cause damage to our sport and I questioned whether anything would even change. At the time I didn’t think that it would help knowing what really went on, but now I feel that it is only going to help us in the future. We actually thanked lance once upon a time for putting cycling on the map, changing the sport from a 6m sport to a 12m sport where the off season was just as important as the season itself. He transformed cycling into the machine it is today. One day in the future we will all thank lance yet again. Not personally of course. But we will thank him for doing what he did, then being found out because it is going to transform cycling into something you want your children to do. It is going to be the best sport on the planet eventually, but its going to take time.

One thing lance did do right was beating cancer, that wasn’t a lie. He may lose everything he has now, material wise, but he wont lose what he overcame, or what he set up. He wont lose his role as a father, nor will he lose his family. He did a lot for cancer, and that will never be forgotten. Yes I wish there was a fairy-tale ending for all of this, i wish he hadn’t cheated, I really do.. But he did.

This is how im choosing to look at what he have in front of us. For some time now cycling has had a massive gash on the leg. Its been covered up, then uncovered, then covered again. Now cycling has the first real chance to fully let the gash heal from the bottom up.. I really hope Lance tells the world the way it was. I hope he names all the names no matter how big or small that helped him. If he does, its going to be ‘bigger than texas’. He will probably go to jail, but that’s just the way it is. I hope that he also uncovers Ferraris doping program, cause it is still active in todays peleton. If not, this gash that has started to heal will only get another bloody bandage, which is something we do not want!!

Again, this is just my views on whats going on.. I want nothing more than a clean peleton.. the best rider truly wins.. that would be a dream for all of us left, and for the new pros that are coming.. it would be fair and from an athletic perspective it would be awesome. I hope it happens!

Thanks for reading!